Hazzan Ramón Tasat performs Yom Zeh le Israel by Merit Shalom

Fourth Shalshelet International Festival at Congregation Ansche Chesed in New York City

Ramon Tasat sings “Ahava bat Esrim” by J. Brel, transl. Naomi Shemer

Live at West End Synagogue, NY, NY 1/29/12,
Hazzan Ayelet Piatigorsky – MezzoSoprano

Ramon Tasat sings “Gori, Gori, Moya Zvezda (Shine, Shine, My Star) Гори гори моя звезда”

Music by Pyotr Bulakhov, lyrics by Vladimir Chuyevsky Performed Live at Ohr Kodesh Congregation.  Kolot HaLev Annual Concert, June 8, 2014

Гори, гори, моя звезда (Shine, Shine, My Star) is a a Russian romance, touching, intimate song that I discovered thanks to another dear friend Izabella Tabarovsky.
I hope that my rendition can transport you to that other world that sometimes we are bless to touch.

1.. Shine, shine, my star,
The welcoming star of love!
You are the only one I cherish,
Another one there shall never be.


3. O blessed star of hope,
The star of the magic days of love!
You will remain eternally unchanged (set)
In my grieving soul.

4. The heavenly power of your rays 
lights up my entire life.
And should I die, over my grave
Shine, shine on, my star!

The Mechon Hadar Tefillah Music project

As one of the expert artists participating in this beneficial and comprehensive project, Dr. Tasat contributes to the advancement and dissemination of liturgical music and the preservation of tradition. The following are some samples:

The Shabbat Yigdal in the Spanish-Portuguese style

V’Ha’Eir Eineinu

Eil Adon

You may find out more about this wonderful resource at:

Mechon Hadar Tefillah & Music